Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dive Log 1.1.4 approved for sale

Dive Log version 1.1.4 was just approved for sale by Apple and should be showing up as an update in the App Store or iTunes within a day or so. You can also download the new version directly by clicking here [iTunes link].

This version now gives you the option of viewing your Total Dive Time on the Statistics tab in either Days:Hours:Minutes format (as before) or in Hours:Minutes format. You can switch back and forth by tapping on the Total Dive Time row in the Statistics tab or you can change the default setting in the Settings tab (either way you set the default your choice is retained the next time you start Dive Log). You will also notice a small change is the visual appearance of the Dive Site "rating" display.

This update also has an important fix for a problem that could cause the application to crash at unexpected times. While this issue only affected a very small number of users in their daily use of Dive Log it is an important fix that everyone should get.

We are hard at work on new features in Dive Log that should roll out before the end of the year. Your comments are important drivers for the changes that we make, so please feel free to keep sharing your input with us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Version of Name My Tune approved and released

The latest version of our app, Name My Tune, is now available in the app Store.

New in Version 1.1:
A settings page has been added with a new setting allowing you to exclude certain playlists from game play. I know that some of us have audio sources that are NOT songs that still show up as songs in our music library. (Some audio books and other recordings ripped directly from CD will show up as songs for example.) If you put them in a specific playlist and exclude it, then they will not be part of the game.

Name My Tune has 3 different rounds of game play and is probably the most challenging music quiz game currently in the App Store. Each of the 3 rounds is played twice giving you more variety and great entertainment.
* Ring The Bell - once the song is playing, shake the device to stop playback and then choose song. (Or you can touch the bell on the screen if you're out in public)
* Get A Clue - guess the song based on all the song meta data .... but it's scrambled! Uses more than just the audio to give you a clue and is probably the hardest of the 3 rounds. You'll need more than just your ears for this one.
* Just In Time - just like the TV show game of old. How many seconds do you need to "Name That Tune"? Use the music score to "dial in" to a maximum 9.9 seconds.

The more music you have in your library, the more points earned.
The less time you need to answer, the more points earned.
Use the iPod interface to choose your answer. Look up songs via Song Title, Artist, Playlist, Album, Compilation, Composer, or Genre! Take your time while selecting the song and peruse the library until the right one jumps out at you.
Sophisticated, professional graphics make it easy on the eye
You can quit the app any time and it will restart on the round you were on with your current point total in place.
Scores can be published at Geocade (a location aware social gaming network) so that you can compare against yourself, other players in your geographic area, or anywhere around the world!

We are committed to a great music experience. Please contact us with any suggestions or complaints about "Name My Tune". Software development is what we do, and so feedback on this or any of our other apps is not only welcome, but needed so that we can continue to do what we do!

Thanks for listening!