Monday, June 21, 2010

Dive Log with iOS 4 support is now available

Dive Log v1.4 was just approved and should now be available via App update in iTunes or the iPhone App Store. You can also use this iTunes link to access Dive Log directly.

Previous versions of Dive Log do not operate correctly on devices that have been upgraded to iOS4. You should upgrade to version 1.4 if you are running iOS 4.

Dive Log v1.4 includes support for iOS 4 multitasking on iPhone 3Gs, 3rd generation iPod touch and on iPhone 4 when it ships. Multitasking support includes both "fast app switching" and support for completing a sync operation with the desktop in the background if you need to leave the application before the sync completes.

We've also adds support for directly calling or e-mailing a Buddy from their contact information in the Buddies tab. By popular request, Certifications in the Personal tab are now sorted by "certification date". This version also includes a Dutch localization and has been optimized for the hi-res display of the new iPhone 4. Finally, we've addressed some minor bugs.


  1. Still waiting for a direct data import from the diving computer (so that I can leave home my notebook when I fly to the diving sites) ;-)

  2. what about a full two-way-sync with MacDive?